1SE – 2019 to 2021

Capturing many changes in my life despite a huge missing chunk of time during the COVID19 pandemic, this 1SE was my first major and successful attempt to continue the project. This time period of my life includes the death of my last childhood dog, Cooper, developing interests in indoor rock climbing and track running, travels to California, Oregon, Florida, and the Bahamas, and a lot of time spent with family

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1SE – 2013

I do not miss the days before the 1SE app when creating a video meant manually importing, timing, and splicing individual clips in a video editor, but I do love looking back at this first 1 Second Everyday project from 2013.

Why 1 Second Everyday? A sight and sounded of a single captured moment can trigger deeply hidden memories within one’s brain, reminding you of things you would have likely forgotten. Stringing them together into a continuous video helps create a chronology for those memories, helping to capture memories of the trends and patterns of that time in one’s life.

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